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Journey’s End Resort is committed to helping conserve our natural resources. We have been a proud partner member of Green Hotels and Resorts for 7 years. We actively participate in practices that assist in the preservation of our oceans, ancient rainforest, and other programs to protect the integrity of our earth. After all, we only have one! Here are some of the steps we have taken to conserve the earth.

  • We ask you to join in our efforts to preserve this bountiful planet for future generations. During your stay with us, we ask that you hang towels you would like to reuse. Towels placed on the floor will be washed.
  • In your shower we offer a dispenser with body wash and shampoo for your use. The ingredients are biodegradable and in a permanent dispenser that we refill. This helps us to preserve the disposal of paper most hotel soaps are wrapped in and the plastics that shampoos are packaged in.
  • You will notice the exceptional health of the reef that lies just 500 yards away from our shore. There is a wide variety of fish, coral, and microscopic life that thrive on our bountiful reef. Journey’s End Resort does not allow the use of motorized watercraft in front of our resort. This is done to protect the juvenile marine life that lives on or near our reef. Noise pollution has been proven to scare away the marine life that our reef needs maintain its health and longevity.
  • In an effort to conserve energy we use fluorescent lighting whenever appropriate. You will notice it in many of the rooms
    and on the property.
  • Without compromising the functionality of your rooms, we have installed low flush water toilets, conservation showers heads, and sink taps.
  • Our water heaters are “on demand” and will only heat up when the system demands. This does not effect the hot water in your room.
  • The water in our restaurants is served “on request” in order to conserve.
  • You will notice the excellent quality of your meals at our restaurants. This is partly because we grow organic herbs and vegetables in our gardens.
  • Rain water is collected in a cistern made of recycled glass bottles. The rain water is then used for the gardens and toilets.
  • “Gray Water” from the sinks and baths is used to irrigate the flora and fauna found on our resort.
  • We spray non-toxic, biodegradable insect repellant daily.
  • Laundry water is run through an extensive multi- level cleansing process that removes all detergents and bio products. The water is then used to irrigate the flora and fauna found on Journey’s End Resort.
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