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Reef Fishing in Belize


If reef fishing is more your style, we've got that too. Spend a half or full day on the reef. Fishing outside the reef will be in deep water and will usually get you into several species. Typical would be grouper, amberjack, Wahoo, kingfish, pompano and occasionally a sailfish or marlin. Generally, the fish outside the reef are larger, and if size is your objective, the option is yours, weather permitting. Fishing inside the reef usually produces barracuda, snapper, grouper and Spanish mackerel.

Stiff casting or spinning rods coupled with reels holding 17-20 lb. test (200 yards). White jigs are the mainstay, tipped with plastic worms. Sizes vary with depth - 3/4 oz. To 2 oz. will cover the ranges required. An assortment of topwater and deepwater lures will also work, depending on the species sought.

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Finally, if you'd like to go for the really big game fish then spend a day or two further out on the water and do some deep sea fishing. Marlin, dolphinfish, and an assortment of other species await your lure.

Fishing off Ambergris Caye, in whatever form is outstanding. The important thing to remember is the quality of the fishing guide that you select. Journey's End Resort uses only the finest local guides that are completely familiar with the waters and fish in the area.

Fishing Tours
  • Full-day Fly or Flats Fishing: (max. 2)
  • Half-day Fly or Flats Fishing: (max. 2)
  • Full-day Reef Fishing: (max. 2)
  • Half-day Reef Fishing: (min. 2)
  • Full-day Deep Sea Fishing: (min. 4)
  • Half-day Deep Sea Fishing: (min. 4)


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