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Journey's End Resort is an escape from the daily rat race to an island paradise in Belize. A truly exotic destination that will allow you to experience what most people dream about. There are very few places in the world where you can climb atop an ancient temple one day, and dive one of the world's seven underwater wonders the next. Imagine yourself hiking the paths of the world's only jaguar Island paradise resort in Belizepreserve, then drifting down a jungle river with iguanas, orchids, and colorful birds as companions. At the end of the day you return to your tropical boutique resort with comfortable and modern island accommodations surrounded by the picturesque setting of Caribbean turquoise waters.

Journey's End Resort is a place for you to reconnect with nature without giving up your creature comforts. Remember that feeling you had when you were a child and you ran your bear feet in the sand? So carefree, so relaxed, with no worries and no concerns. This is what we would like to help you recapture at Journey's End Resort………

Imagine yourself at Journey's End Resort.

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